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We had the pleasure of redesigning the corporate identity for Antennex, a measurement instrumentation company based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Their innovative product simplifies mm-wave antenna measurement, offering both ease of use and rapid, accurate results, revolutionizing the way in which antenna measurements are performed.


The new logo synthesizes key elements of the company. The lines represent active antenna elements that, thanks to Antennex's smart algorithms, can be tested, calibrated, and realigned, transitioning from chaos to order. The resulting X shape showcases versatility in measuring multiple objects, all enclosed within a box that references their main product.

During the product design phase, we engaged in a collaborative effort, proposing various ways to apply the branding and taking charge of designing the Graphical User Interface. Throughout this process, we recognized the necessity of developing a series of icons that accurately depicted the diverse features of the product. As a result, we created a system of icons with a consistent grid, utilizing the direction of lines to symbolize distinct functionalities.

To support Antennex's product launch at congresses and symposiums, we designed a series of booth panels and essential stationery items such as business cards, folders, letterhead, branded lanyards, and flyers. Lastly, we undertook the design and development of their website to ensure a professional, seamless, and engaging online presence.


Our collaboration resulted in a complete transformation of their corporate identity, effectively encapsulating the essence of the company. From a new logo to a consistent visual system, we have created a distinctive, recognizable, and memorable brand identity for Antennex.

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