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Sella is a medical startup that is developing an innovative treatment for people that suffer from neurologic and mental disorders such as PTSD, severe depression, and anxiety. The therapy involves stimulating a specific group of neurons that secrete oxytocin to harness its beneficial effects.


The new logo is a synthesis of the location where the therapy works, which also gives the company its name. It accurately targets the spot that needs to be stimulated to release the beneficial hormone.

Business Cards

This innovative method allows physicians to adjust the therapeutic dose delivery to match the patient's needs, in order to increase their quality of life. The gradient color in the logo embodies both concepts.

Pitch Deck

We worked closely with the company's CEO and founder, a neurosurgeon from Leiden University Medical Center, to design the corporate identity, develop a pitch deck, and create a set of medical illustrations that explain the therapy's procedure.

Brain Illustration
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