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We designed the new edition of the USE-IT map of Arnhem! USE-IT maps, which are present in several cities throughout Europe, are touristic guides that stem from an awesome concept: they are "free maps made by locals for young travellers". We worked together with the USE-IT team to create this editorial piece full of practical information. It aims to help visitors move around the city "like locals" so they can enjoy it and get to know the best of it!


We knew we wanted to do something very different from the traditional tourist guides. To reinforce the idea of an editorial piece "made by locals", we looked for a very loose and organic style, working with handmade illustrations and lettering pieces. 

For the main theme, the team wanted to focus on celebrating daily activities as well as the nightlife, so we dedicated one side to each of them, using different predominant colors: warm tones for the day side and cold tones for the night side.

Map Day and Night

Some of the sections that all USE-IT maps have in common are "Act like a local", "Tourist information", "Local tips", "5 minutes of history" and "Where to go next". We added a few more -"Food Tour" and "Art, history, and culture"- and created a board game based on the popular "Create your own adventure", where people can arrange their perfect night out based on their mood.

Map Night Side

The maps are now distributed all over the city, waiting to be found by new visitors and help them discover the city like a real Arnhemmer!

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